Where to Start With DC Comics In 2017 | Comic Book Herald

A complete, easy to follow guide for new DC Comics readers looking to get into … 1) DC Rebirth & Starting With The Newest DC Comics.

Convergence 101: A New Reader’s Guide – DC Comics

What if you started reading DC Comics with the start of The New 52 or even more recently? Heck, what if you’re a brand new reader who’s just …

Where should I start if I want to start reading DC comics for the first …

A2A. This is a loaded question, but it depends on what era do you want to start and what superhero or character you’re very fond of. You could go with PreCr…

Starting to read DC comics – DC Comics – Comic Vine

hi everyone, ive only read marvel so far and i want to try to read dc as well. so right now dc’s mainstream reality is now called 52 right? it’s where.

Recommended Reading | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Finding comics that you’re interested in or getting into comics for the first time can seem difficult, but there are a lot of great things to read out there. DC Comics …

How To Get Into (Marvel and DC) Superhero Comics – Dorkly Post

View How To Get Into (Marvel and DC) Superhero Comics and more funny posts on … In most cases, you don’t have to start with issue #1.

Never read comics before! Where should I start? : DCcomics – Reddit

Hello everyone! I’m 26yo and never read any Marvel or DC comics before, just watched the movies and when younger some cartoons.

How to Get into DC comics: A Beginner’s Guide to the New 52 …

A guide for those of you looking to get into reading DC comics for the first time. Starting with the New 52.

A Guide to Reading Comics: Where to Start? | The Artifice

Now that we have that covered, let’s start with what comics you should …. Avengers is inspired by the successful DC Comics version Justice …

DC Comics, where to start? | IGN Boards – IGN.com

My question is, that if I never really read any DC comic books before and wanted to, what should I start with. Also, I don’t really understand how.

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